Thursday, August 21, 2008

Even More Changes

Who would have thought that choosing the right curriculum would be so hard?  But alas, that is the way of homeschooling.  I have been congratulated on a couple of my online groups for being brave enough to change.  Apparently that's something that "newbies" don't do very often.

This past week I ordered Apologia Science (Elementary Astronomy) and Sonlight Core 1+2.  The Sonlight is for reading, history, and geography.  Even though CG is not a huge fan of reading we are going to give it a whirl.  He likes to be read to and enjoys the days we curl up on the couch and read together - so this should make school a lot more fun for him.  I also ordered a kit to go with the science - it has all the things you need to do the hands on in the science book.  Science + hands on = extremely happy CG!

I also ordered some grade one books on the Lutheran Faith.  I know, he's in second - but lets face it; our church ways have been pretty minimal.  So I figured we could do the grade one stuff here at home - he'll get the grade two stuff at Sunday School.

So, after we get all our new stuff next week I will hopefully be able to tell you we are settled and finally loving everything about homeschooling!

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  1. Look forward to hearing about your Box Day when your materials arrive. I'm not a huge reader myself, but I loved the Read Alouds of Sonlight. To this day I love books on tape. Reading is physically draining to me (mostly due to my eye-tracking issues).



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